Guidance and Info on services 

Please make sure any pets and children are taken care of. 

Silent services are available which allows you to take a nap during lash appointment and use your headphones for nail services. 

A Consultation form is essential to complete prior to lash and hair appointment for your health and safety. 




Choosing a different shade of hair colour is alot to consider, that’s why it’s helpful to have a consultation to go over questions and consider what would be good options.

It helps to have pictures even from Google, even if the colour is not possible in your first appointment, it’s still possible to have a plan to get to where you want. Patience plays a big role and the health of your hair isn’t worth compromise a celebrity edited image.


Acrylic nails are mixture of Liquid (Monomer) and Powder (Polymer) that harden and set when exposed to air the mixture is applied to nails and left to set for a few minutes, application is placed on the natural nail with either a tip or nail form for desired length and shape.
Acrylics are hard and durable with infills every 3 weeks to maintain nails. Please note I use EMA acrylics that are safety UK produced & approved which DO NOT cause damage to your natural nail.



Overlay particularly helps to strengthen natural nails for consistence growth, whilst the Russian part helps clean and smooth out your cuticles. Ideal if you struggle to grow your natural nails or have weak brittle free edge that will not get past the breakage stage. It is advised for infill every 2-3 weeks depending on the speed of your natural nail growth. The procedure involves using gel that’s commonly thick and sticky once gel is placed on the nail it is hardened (cured) under a UV lamp with a choice of gel colour.



This will only damage your natural nail plate with discomfort so please have your nails removed professionally.



Twisted Halo offer Olaplex in all hair services such as colour, alone condition, part of cut and blow dry. It is a well known and respected brand that has changed the way you can protect your luscious strands whilst having colour, treatment or just upkeep.



Ideal for frizzy, thick, curly unmanageable hair, the treatment smooths and softens hair putting back inKeratin, which is already part of our hair, nails and much more.
The treatment takes 4-5 hours depending on hair length and thickness and can last up to  3 months again depending on how much care you take and how resilient your hair is for the first treatment.




This service is very ideal for those that have pverplucked their natural brows or have had medical issues causing Hair loss. Each Eyebrow extension is placed on top of the Natural brow hair, creating fuller brows with a shape. The service is much more relaxing and pain free compared to micro blading and permanent makeup. Advised to have infill between 2 weeks max. You can go ahead with your day with no need for brow pencils, promade, powder.



Eyelash extensions have made a huge impact in how our lashes look and feel, anything from natural set to volumised diva sets.  Each eyelash extension is place on each single natural lash creating stand out defined lashes, with variety of length (short, medium, long) to variety of thickness depending on each person’s style. So wakeup with no need for mascara or eye makeup. Advised to have infills 2 weeks. There is a requirement to complete a consultation form before your appointment for health and safety purposes.

Eyelash Extensions Appointment & Aftercare





Box Braids are for everyone and anyone that wants to wakeup and not have the trouble of styling your hair. Commonly Medium sized sections are braided around the whole head and securely tightened with bands. Extensions are another option if you want longer length, any length and colours can be created.



Hair and Makeup Service for all occasions including weddings (excludes Asian bridal makeup which is more specialized alone service). Ideal for proms, birthdays, pamper day, evenings out, Christmas, Bride, Bridesmaid, celebrations of all backgrounds. You just worry about what you want to wear and I’ll sort the rest.



Please bare in mind for infill appointments booked after recommended time the charge will be full set for nails and lashes.

If more than 40% of lashes have fallen or taken off due to lack of aftercare can result in full set charge. Infills must be booked within 2 weeks otherwise the charge will be a full set. A Consultation form must be completed before first appointment.

If nails have more than 2 nails come off on each hand this will be charged at full set price. Infills must be booked within 3 weeks otherwise the charge will be a full set.

Any service technical issues within 48hours (this does not include the end look), will be  resolved free of charge depending on the issue.

Any technical issues after 48 hours such as fall out of lashes/ nails can be redone with a charge due to 48 hours being the ideal time for products to set.



(Booking Fees, prepayed bookings, payments after service is completed)

Cancelation under 72hours will result in loss of booking fee and next booking will require full payment prior to appointment.

Continued last minute cancelations will result in loss of payment and black listed from my services.

Reschedule appointments are understandable and acceptable in comparison to cancelations.

The policies I hold are supported by my insurance company.