Ladies Hair

Offering Hair cutting, styling, Hair colour, highlights, extensions and
much more for your hair.

Gel Nails + Extensions

Gel extensions, polishing, nail art and removal plus a lot more.


Gel manicure services.

Guidance for services Twisted Halo offers

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic nails are mixture of Liquid (Monomer) and Powder (Polymer) that harden and set when exposed
to air the mixture is applied to nails and left to set for a few minutes, application is placed on the natural
nail with either a tip or nail form for desired length and shape.
Acrylics are hard and durable making them last longer then other methods of nail extensions, normally 3-
4 weeks but with infills every 3 weeks to maintain nails.

Gel Overlay
Overlay particularly gel helps to strengthen natural nails for consistence growth, this is ideal if you
struggle to grow your natural nails or have weak brittle free edge that will not get past the breakage
It is advised for infill every 2-3 weeks depending on the speed of your natural nail growth.
The procedure involves using gel that’s commonly thick and sticky once gel is placed on the nail it is
hardened (cured) under a UV lamp as is gel polish.

IBX treatment
A brilliant innovative treatment to strengthen nails and condition the nail plate for many reasons even
after removal of false nail extensions or before a gel manicure.
The IBX treatment is part of Twisted Halo luxury manicure service and removal service.

Nail Removal
This will only damage your natural nail plate with discomfort so please have your nails removed
Twisted Halo offer IBX treatment for after removal to help condition and strengthen natural nails.

Olaplex Hair Treatment
Twisted Halo offer Olaplex in all hair services such as colour, alone condition, part of cut and blow dry
and within hair straightening service.
It is a well known and respected brand that has changed the way you can protect your luscious strands
whilst having colour, treatment or just upkeep.

Hair Smoothing and Straightening Keratin Treatment
Ideal for frizzy, thick, curly unmanageable hair, the treatment smooths and softens hair putting back in
Keratin, which is already part of our hair, nails and much more.
The treatment takes 2-3 hours depending on hair length and thickness and can last up to 4-5 months
again depending on how much care you take and how resilient your hair is for the first treatment.

Hair Extensions
Twisted Halo offer variety of methods for hair extensions, its not just for length, extensions are brilliant for
volume and adding colour without colouring your natural hair.
Micro Ring and LA Weave and Weft are great for long term as once the undetected rings are installed
you can keep the hair in by having readjustments completed after 3-4 months.
Nano Rings are half the size of micro rings small as the nib of a pen, so they are very hard to detect.


A Consultation is essential for all Hair colour appointments at least 48 hours prior to your actual appointment. The consultation will include a patch test/strand test and a discussion on the desired outcome or relevant queries/concerns.
Consultations and appointments both require a deposit to secure the appointment. The deposit will be deducted at appointment from the total balance. Failure to change your appointment 48 hours prior or a no show will result in loss of deposit.